01 Feb 2011



Coherence Movie Cast


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written by jackie
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    Robbie says:

    Dr Mr Byrkit,

    I just wanted to write and (attempt to) express my great respect and fascination with your film Coherence. Really, it is an astonishing piece.

    I chose your film blind, with no prior knowledge of it, and was utterly blown away.

    Best 2nd watch film ever, as I told all my friends, though subsequent viewings are still yielding sweet fruits. Up to watch #7 (in 2 months) and still loving it.

    The ‘roll back’ is amazing, ie that earlier and earlier in the film (watching it again) do clues continue to emerge, and I believe I am now mostly resolved (I think!) that it does all begin right from the very first scene. In any case nuances abound all throughout the film, and kudos indeed to your talented cast and also for your improv approach. The small-scale production certainly ensured a compelling intimacy and underpinned the subjective world we traversed.

    Will make sure to keep an eye out for your future work, and hope that you may honour us with more in this vein.

    Regards, and appreciative fan. Robbie.

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    tutku says:


    I’ve just watched the film and I was really impressed. As soon as I finished it, I looked at IMDB in order to search for other films of this amazing film’s director. Unfortunately, it seems the only movie. Then, I searched for you and found this website. I couldn’t keep myself from writing about how amazing your work. Thanks and please do write and direct more movies!


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    We would love to make music for your projects.

    Patrol Destroyers

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    Luca says:

    Seen Coherence tonight, it’s just a terrific brilliant job.
    Dr. Schrodinger would be definitely amazed at that.
    I really hope it can be the beginning of your sci-fi career. Hope to hear about new jobs soon.
    Thank you from Italy.


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    Rasin says:

    Absolutely loved Coherence. The unwinding of the plot as time went was brilliant. Recommended it to my mates.

    I am genuinely interested to know how you were inspired to write this and whether you would consider writing another story with the Em character in future.


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    Kallisti says:

    dear jim, I just got finished showing coherence to my sister who is also fascinated by brilliant storytelling on a small budget, improv-style dialogue, philosophy, & infinite loops. “our dreams are like this,” she said as the credits rolled. indeed. thank you, jim, for making something decadent for the dreamers.

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    Autul says:

    I saw this movie like 5 days ago and still I can’t get it outta my head. Believe me, this is something I’ve never seen in my 22 years of life. Its just, I never thought a Movie can fascinate me. I respect you. I say Nolan’s got competition now.

    Count me into your followers list.
    Looking forward to more amazing movies of yours.

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    Eclectic Epileptic says:

    Hey, really liked Coherence despite not being smart enough to figure it all out (never suspected fades to black are significant). Would love to hear your original intention sometime.

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