01 Feb 2011



This short film was my way of balancing years of what felt like very commercial work. What better way to correct that path than to make an utterly non-commercial, pseudo-philosophical stew of sci-fi and Buddhism? It may be slow but that’s because it’s deeeeeep. And I loved making it. John Knoll from ILM built the awesome CGI spaceship—I will forever be in his debt. But the “space leap” shot? All real, and performed by actor Maury Sterling with absolutely no production insurance.

Shot by Robert F. Smith and starring the excellent Austin Highsmith.

written by jackie
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    Mayank Pathak says:

    :) :) Was searching for it all over! How can i see it completely??

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    Mike Smith says:

    Great film, Austin Highsmith is brilliant.

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    phil says:

    I read somewhere on the internet that there was a 90 minute movie being done in 2013. but cannot seem to find anything more out.

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    Franck says:

    Hi, I just saw Coherence which is a extraordinary movie ! Bravo !
    Is there any chance to see Fractalus in France ???

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    Serg says:

    by the way there was a film in 80th perhaps in similar style a little but without alien: several astronauts were sent to other planet officially. and in reality it was psychical research program-experiment. and they were “landed on some planet” – simply in desert somewhere in reality… so they were fully betrayed…. and one of them or several have run away from this experiment, one or some of them have died. in 80th such classic….!!! respect… ifi’m no wrong.
    and what do You talk about Buddhism looks like surface touching, if You mean simply books: bible, koran, or about Buddhism… it can simply some common postulates, and reality there are many groups, branches with own skills, practices, healing and many bad groups perhaps too… So practical level can be sects with facade Buddhism or other too. Sure You know about pracical lessons of Jesus in bible, and physical Yoga or other unknown things in Hinduismus, or unknown things in Buddhism. May be You have told about Your “Buddhism” as well as each people has own vision of “Buddhism” or other -that is measured in number of read books and saw films. joke

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