01 Feb 2011



“Wedlocked” was a labor of love, a short film I directed especially for super-fans of the “Pirates” movies. Knowing we had a small budget and borrowed sets, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott wrote a script for me that recalled the Pirates ride more than the movies. “Slappers” Vanessa Branch and Lauren Maher turned in leading lady performances that should get them their own tv spinoff.

Beautifully shot by Nic Sadler.

See the full short film when Disney Home Entertainment releases a DVD and Blu Ray ”treasure chest” box set of all four movies. Soon, I hope.


written by jackie
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    Sean says:

    Will “Wedlocked” also be on the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides 2 Disc blu ray and dvd combo pack ? . I really really hope it is, because i’d really love to see it ! . Or will it also get a seperate dvd and blu ray release ? , i’m asking that also because i saw the blu ray sign at the end of the “Wedlocked” movie trailer above, so i was wondering about that too ! .

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    Christian says:

    I found out it’s only going to be on the 15-disc boxed set.

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    Sean says:

    When is Pirates 4 going to be re-released on Blu Ray with newly released Never Before Seen Deleted Scenes from Pirates 4 and the Wedlocked short film included ?

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    Maria says:

    I wanna see Wedlocked!!!!!! Will it be released in Vimero like the others??

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    Maria says:

    It´s not fair!!!! I bought the three Pirates of the Carrabean films when they were released, so obiouly I´m not gonna buy them again in the suuuppper edition (because I´m not rich and why would I wan´t them twice) WE WANT TO SEE WEDLOCKED! ^^

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    Sean says:

    I’m going to re-buy Pirates 4 on Blu-ray when it gets re-released on Blu-ray with Never before seen Deleted scenes and Extended scenes from Pirates 4, and with the Tales of the Code: Wedlocked that’s most likely going to be included with it, which i have a strong feeling is bound to be re-released on Bluray either on the 10th theatrical release anniversary of Pirates 1 in 2013, or right before when Pirates 5 is released to movie theaters in 2014.

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    Stevie Gurr says:

    …I remember this shoot as being long,considering it had to be done very quickly, but it was Big fun…I also recall several photographers shooting some very cool shots, one of which I wish I could find…it showed about 4 or 5 of us in a row, looking right proud…glad to be able to see it…

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    Serg says:

    pirates were real deep criminals out of law if i’m no wrong. no any romantic for children or many “mental” peoples. it is sure only book’s info.

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